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Building Smart Sales & Supply Organisations

Whether we are in in Sales, Business Development, Procurement or Supply, we all want to attract success for our organisations. To be successful we really need to focus our efforts on deals and partners who provide the best growth opportunities, marketing advantages, and potential business value. We need to become Smarter as Organisations.

At Coalface Dialogue we help you build Smart Sales and Supply Organisations through Dialogue.

What do Smart Organisations do differently?

Smart Organisations understand the answer is in the dialogue. As a result, Smart Organisations do behave differently and share many of the same characteristics:

  • They have a 60/60 mindset.
    60/60 thinking and Competitive Collaboration outperforms win/win.
  • They prioritise.
    Get better results by focusing on a few things, and not chasing everything.
  • They look beyond price and costs.
    Manage risk and value creation alongside costs.

As mentioned above, Smart Organisations strategically develop capabilities and a culture that promotes dialogue across silos and with external parties.

Advanced negotiation, collaboration and partnering provide the capabilities – the building blocks.

Smart Partnerships take collaboration to a new level – the secret sauce of Smart Organisations.

Smart Partnerships

In Sales & Supply often “big” equates to “strategic”.  The biggest deals, the biggest spends are usually the top candidates for strategic partnerships.

Counter-intuitively, we have found that the smartest partnerships that deliver the greatest impact are not necessarily the biggest or the most strategic.

Our Smart Partnership methodology helps you identify and build high performance business relationships and partnerships. We provide training and facilitation and coaching/consulting in the Smart Partnership framework and work closely with you to successfully implement the framework within your organisation.

We also provide training the “underlying building blocks” for advanced negotiation, collaboration and partnering.

How might Smart Partnerships impact your business?

If you are interested in the benefits of Smart Partnerships and Building a Smart Organization call us today on +65-65-132-132 or use the contact-us form or for a free no obligation consultation.