Value, Agility and Winning

Business Value

Pressure to make quick decisions leads to compromise. By accepting compromise we leak value. Drip. Drip. Drip.

Unleashing Value requires us to look beyond ‘low hanging fruit’ and explore new ways to claim, create and share value.

Being Agile is much more than being faster, or cheaper. Agile improves accountability, productivity and quality.

What would it mean to your organisation if instead you could:

  • Elevate business conversations to create competitive advantage
  • Improve the velocity and quality of decision making across your organisation
  • Confidently manage even the most ‘uncomfortable’ negotiations
  • Foster entrepreneurship with clients, suppliers and business partners, and
  • Make all this happen in a digital industrial revolution

To unleash business value, improve accountability, productivity, and quality through Agile, visit Business Value.

Winning Work

When dealing with significant investments and complex business issues, winning work requires focusing on what matters most. Easier said than done, when every deal is ‘strategic’ or ‘must-win’.

  • What makes a compelling executive summary?
  • How do you develop a winning proposal?
  • When should you not bid at all, or submit a non-compliant proposal?
  • How should you prepare for and manage critical negotiations?

Agile Proposal Development is not just cranking out more proposals. Agile improves accountability, productivity and quality. This translates to better deals, productivity and relationships.

For winning capture and proposals strategies, visit Winning Work.

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