As part of our re-branding exercise Coalface Dialogue is now positioned as a Sales and Supply Chain consultancy specializing in Leadership and Dialogue. In reality it is just a reflection of the journey we have been on for the last 10+ years.

There are effectively 4 building blocks for what we do, and each of the building blocks are connected to each other.

Communication and Collaboration

Join the 60/60 Thinking Revolution

Implement 60/60 Thinking in your Organisation

What would be the impact on your outcomes by genuinely collaborating everyday?

Negotiation and Influencing

Learn the Framework used by Experts

The ENS International Negotiation Framework

How much better would your negotiated outcomes be if you used the process used by experts for more than 35 years?

Leadership and Performance

Lead your Team to a Better YES

Getting to a Better YES for Leaders

How do you lead a team to get the outcomes YOU want as a Stakeholder?

Sales and Supply Chain

Optimize the Value and Predictability of Every Deal

Increase value, increase predictability, and reduce risk

How effectively are you optimizing value, predictability, and managing risk?