They know the strategy, they have the tools and training… so why does it takes so long to execute against the strategy?

This is is the question that keeps many leaders up at night.

Change management experts have a good understanding of what is needed to effect a major change in an organisation. Kotter’s 8-step model of change is a great framework to drive change. But that is not what we are talking about here. What we are talking about is the ability to execute strategy, of which change is one component.

Training usually focuses on how to improve ourselves as individuals, as teams, and leaders of those teams. What about the leader who is a key stakeholder but not directly involved in the execution? What happens when you need your team to perform on your behalf; and to achieve the objectives as you envisaged them?

For some time we have been looking into how to gain agreement and execute the agreement when you are a stakeholder relying on a team to collaborate, negotiate, and execute on your behalf.

If you are facing such challenges, then our Director’s Forum on Advanced Negotiation and Leadership¬†could be what you need.