About us ‘at the coalface’

Coalface Dialogue is a Sales and Supply consultancy specialising in Business Value, Agile and Winning Work.

Established in Singapore in 2002, we have facilitated hundreds of interventions and trained thousands of participants in 20 countries. We work closely with our clients ‘at the coalface’ to achieve better outcomes through Dialogue, Acumen, Relationships and Technology.

A few Milestones and Points of Interest

2015 Strengthen Sales and Business Development portfolio through an alliance with Shipley Asia Pacific in Singapore and South East Asia.

Re-launched ENS International’s Negotiation & Influencing public programs for South Asia with more flexibility across three levels (Professional, Strategic, Expert) in association with PwC’s Academy.

2013 Increased focus on Strategic Collaboration programs
2011 After several years of using RAIT (Retention and Assessment of Impact of Training) accredited with MIND Peak Performance to provide Neuro-Executive Coaching.
2010 Directly offer Negotiation Skills public programs in South Asia in association with ENS International and PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC).
2009 Triggered by global financial crisis, experienced a significant increase in revenues derived from web-based and e-Leaning projects.
2007 Leveraged audience response systems for multiple large scale events in Asia Pacific and Europe.
2006 Published Asia Pacific IT Leaders’ Agenda; company renamed to Coalface Dialogue Pte Ltd.
2005 Inaugural briefing sessions of The Coalface IT Executive Community in Singapore and Malaysia.
2004 Admitted as member of ITC World Solutions (global sales training and consulting alliance).
2002 Incorporated in Singapore as Twin Moons Pte Ltd; accredited with ENS International (global negotiation training and consulting alliance).

The Coalface Way

One of the key underlying principles of the Coalface Collaboration Frameworks is first creating and then second claiming value. Unfortunately most people rush into claiming value and “leave money on the table”.

Splitting the difference 50/50 is an example of claiming value. This is often called a compromise.

Splitting the difference 60/60 means we first create more value and then second share the spoils. This is the best form of collaboration and what we call 60/60 Thinking.

Our experienced consultants and associates provide strategic, practical and tactical guidance, for the preparation, facilitation and implementation of a wide range of business interventions. Delivery of services may be face to face, by phone or remotely via the internet.

For consulting and facilitation we follow the same methodology that we teach. We walk the talk.

To help you meet today’s challenges we offer focused skills development programs that can be further customized to meet your specific needs.

Before any workshop we engage with stakeholders and participants to ensure a clear understanding of primary and secondary objectives. We work with you to implement a ‘long tail’ to reinforce learning and application in the field.

Our approach to projects is practical and results-focused:

  • We provide practical solutions utilizing robust methodologies based on sound principles.
  • We integrate with and leverage your existing methodologies and tools, enhancing  processes rather than reinventing the wheel
  • As practitioners ‘at the coalface’ we take a very pragmatic approach to executing deliverables
  • Ultimately we are your partner, we do not ‘land and expand’