Consultants and Alliances

In order to consistently deliver quality programs we work with a tight network of like-minded consultancies and trainers. Over the last 14 years we have established alliances globally and regionally with sales, supply chain and leadership consultancies and well as with individual consultants and trainers to provide expertise and language skills.

Bios of individual trainers and consultants are available on request.

Global Alliances

Through our network of global and regional alliances we can support clients throughout Asia Pacific, Japan, Europe and North America. We provide training and consulting in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and several European languages

Coalface Dialogue has two primary global alliances:-


Gain the EDGE in Business and Personal Negotiations

Negotiation and Influencing are arguably the most critical skills in life. For 35 years, ENS  International (formerly known as Effective Negotiation Services) has focused on empowering the negotiation success of our clients.

Winning more Business

Shipley provides organisations and individuals with consulting and training services focused on winning business in highly competitive environments and we support over $300Bn in major proposal efforts globally each year.

Consider Shipley Asia Pacific if you want to increase your win rate, reduce your bid costs, increase profits, win more than you lose, or develop a winning corporate culture.


Regional Alliances

These global alliances are supplemented with a number of local and regional alliances, including:-


Coalface works in association with PwC’s Academy in Singapore on Collaboration, Negotiation and Leadership programs. Within Capability and Training, the PwC Learning Academy is part of a global network of more than 250 training specialists at the forefront of training development.

MIND Peak Performance uses cognitive neuroscience to deliver exceptional results and drive performance in high pressure situations. Put another way, you learn how to leverage the power of your brain to turn stress into performance by applying the principles of Sports Science to high pressure Corporate Sales, Trading, and Executive Leadership.