Coalface Dialogue represents ENS in Singapore and South Asia

Gain the EDGE in Business and Personal Negotiations

Successfully mastering the art of negotiation and influencing is essential in achieving your objectives. Entering a negotiation without understanding the underlying process significantly puts your chance of success at risk.

However much experience you have, negotiated outcomes can always be improved. Even the smallest positive change can have a marked impact on your personal and business success.
We all negotiate, every day. Knowing how to manage these interactions, systematically plan, develop effective strategies and efficiently manage their application will turn negotiations in your favour and maximise your results.


About ENS International

ENS International supports organisations and individuals with our unique, proven, world class negotiation process methodology. We are a global team of negotiation consultants and practitioners specialising in influencing and negotiation management. Delivering best practice negotiation consultancy and training programs in more than 65 countries, ENS International is a world leader in our field.

Established for over 35 years we have empowered participants, governments and organisations through our range of negotiation and influencing services. These include strategic consulting, advising, coaching and training.