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30+ years in Asia

The “classic” 3-day Developing Effective Negotiation Skills (Advanced Professional-Plus) Negotiation and Influencing program running for 30+ years in Asia. Deepen your understanding of the process used by experts. Gain the edge.

It is intended for for those who require a practical understanding of the process of negotiation and how to negotiate effectively in professional and personal situations. You have probably learned a few pointers at college or on other workshops, but feel there is more to learn than just a few tactics. What you need is a robust framework to prepare for and manage all negotiations.

After using the proven and practical ENS International Process Model and Framework over 3 days, you will begin to improve your negotiation outcomes immediately. You will enter your very next negotiation with enhanced skills and confidence in your ability to influence others and successfully negotiate the outcomes you desire.

Offered as an in-house program.

For public programs, please visit Advanced Negotiation and Influencing series.
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Find out what you will learn from this course (even if you think you’re a good negotiator now)