Shipley UK’s Price to Win expert presented at the APMP Conference in Melbourne in March 2016.

Alex stopped over in Singapore to run the first ever Price to Win workshop in Singapore.

Select and Win Profitable Business

Let’s face it, the only thing worse than losing a bid is winning a bid that you live to regret because the pricing is too low.

When working on large complex bids, does your team:

  • Find itself in a standoff between capture/sales leads and engineering and finance over setting a winning price?
  • Find solution teams are not addressing the customer’s needs and competitive choices?
  • Struggle to express your pricing rationale?
  • Feel you may be leaving money on the table?
  • Wish you had been smarter about walking away from some opportunities?

You can reduce bid risks and build deal margin by:

  • Understanding what leading practice Price to Win really looks like for even the highest value and complex bids
  • Discovering the smart, proven processes and tools that make more accurate Price to Win possible
  • Saving time and money by leveraging existing capture activities and data
  • Learning how all your key team members can play their parts in winning better work

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