Collaboration Across the Value Chain

Why settle for 50/50 when you can have 60/60?

Win/Win is by definition competitive – a big Win for you and a little ‘win’ for the other party. A bigger slice for you means a smaller slice for the other party. This is also called ‘zero-sum’. We call this 50/50 thinking.

The alternative is 60/60 thinking. In this case the emphasis is on uncovering, creating, and sharing value. For example, by elevating business conversations, collaborate and develop sustainable partnerships across the value chain for competitive advantage.

Knowing this, why would you settle for anything less than 60/60?

Collaboration (and Partnering) is a Business Necessity

More than ever, we are working across the value chain with multiple stakeholders and partners to deliver business outcomes. We focus on deals and partners who provide the best growth opportunities, marketing advantages, and potential business value. Added to this we are juggling change and digital transformation.

Collaboration and partnering across the value chain is no longer a luxury, it is now a business necessity. We need to become smarter as organisations, how we define success, engage with stakeholders and manage relationships.

Smart Organisations develop capabilities and a culture that promotes 60/60 dialogue. Smart Partnerships take business value and collaboration to a new level, and are the secret sauce of Smart Organisations.

What Value Can You Unleash for Your Organisation?

Unleashing Value requires us to look beyond ‘low hanging fruit’ and explore new ways to claim, create and share value across the value chain. What would it mean to you if you could:

  • Elevate business conversations to create competitive advantage
  • Improve the velocity and quality of decision making across your organisation
  • Confidently manage even the most ‘uncomfortable’ negotiations
  • Foster entrepreneurship with clients, suppliers and business partners, and
  • Make all this happen in a digital industrial revolution

Instead of accepting compromise, what value can you unleash for your organisation?

Being Agile is much more than being faster, or cheaper. Agile improves accountability, productivity and quality.

Smart Partnerships

In sales and supply ‘big’ often equates to ‘strategic’. Hence we analyse sales by market, and manage spend by categories. This creates a bias towards bigger clients and partners, rather than on potential to drive business impact and value.

Instead, we contend that the best clients and partners are the ones that best align with the strategy and initiatives.

What is needed is to link business strategies and initiatives to value propositions, and value propositions to clients and partners.  The Business Model Canvas is a practical and powerful tool to elevate business conversations and link strategy to clients and partners and other resources. The canvas approach provides a more ‘personalised’ focus on clients, partners and resources to drive business lasting impact and value.

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